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power of the blood is overcome. The attempt to overcome this antagonistic influ-

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typhoid bacilli in pure culture. The more carefully epidemics are studied

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Eighteen such cases were reported by the writer in 1902. It is often impos-

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It must be conceded that arthralgia in a certain proportion of cases is due

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succeeded in a number of cases in obtaining the bacteria from suspected

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In closing the discussion. Dr. Davis said that it had

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ful, and we thus have a more strongly acting heart, forcing

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to form — the agglutinogens — pass through the walls of collodion sacs

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Vaseline should be applied following the active stage.

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5. The anatomical processes are also different. According to Kartulis

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and variola. In a few cases there was a widespread infection without a

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criticisms by the authorities on fever in children, I feel that only one verdict

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The chill, characteristic of the onset of many infectious diseases, is thought

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knowledge, we must depend upon isolation, preferably in special hospitals.

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a hea^dly coated tongue arc present. The tongue is usually moist, but

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of general sepsis; 1 patient died, the other, having begun with arthritis and

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simply due to the fever, it will disappear with, or soon after, the crisis. The

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be able to decide whether or not a so-called "trivial cough"

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choreiform movements; from that time he also suffered from pains in all

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saHcylate of quinine; and from this during convalescence a change can be

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troduction into the body of ready-made antibodies, whatever their nature,

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Hospital, Philadelphia, by F. Fraley, there were 95 cases of empyema. Of

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it was given to drunkards, and what effects were expected and realized.

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has prevailed that it is derived from the Greek word xoAcpa, an eave-trough.

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say a piece as large as the head of a pin, and this minute mass

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was less than twenty-four hours. Some authorities give a much longer

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volved in 33. In one case there was mydriasis, in the other myosis, of the

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to every applicant and safety to every company. It is,

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Koplik spots and of the eruption in the mouth generally suffice to distin-

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sible for the patient to get any rest. The substernal retraction is extremely

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of pneumonia is about doubled by the co-existence of typhoid fever. Accord-

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ventricle and then inflating the bladder, that the arterial

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This accounts for the variations in the descriptions of the disease.

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guish them from measles. The catarrhal symptoms are usually wanting.

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blood pressure, while staphylococci, streptococci, and colon bacilli, cause it

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