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blood as well as blackening of the feces. However profuse, it is seldom

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ing the whole colonic tube he has succeeded in arresting the com-

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buried before the evidence reaches the Home Office 't — That is

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ReqisttT acting in concert with them, could the General Medical Council

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which may lie in that part of the wound which corresponded

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cular infection, rendering patients in the advanced stages of phthisis

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-the kitchen, where she laid down on the floor and was un-

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this case of some other variation in the course of the gustatory

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Royal Miceoscopical Society, 20, Hanover Square, S p.m.

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mitted sins of omission and commission ; that he had mis-

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These may be found in the stomach in immense numbers among

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that the inspector cannot be compelled to accept " Border Counties'"

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cholera actually comes the Conservancy Board may be more

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practitioner assisting a brother practitioner, and if his salary

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imitate an3rthing, but a true instance of catalepsy I have seen but once,

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this same occurrence is noted, curiously enough, on section of the me-

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aiQCr;i\':itic«is were well marked in 25 and denied in only 3, and of each

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which we have recently gathered, the enactment of retro-

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may, I think, be taken as an indication of this, and the differ-

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subcutaneous injections of the toxin for three months. At the end

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Surgeon-Captain G. Duncan, M.B., Bengal Estabiishmeut, L*nd Battalion

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two children ; below that the abdominal walls are united

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after chronic ulcer, operation is sometimes helpful. (6) In chronic cases

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police maintenance of law and order, with the defence of pro-

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may occur in malarial fever, but may also occur in other affections

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producing deep ulcerations and even necrosis of the terminal phalanges.

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Arnold, it occurred in three successive generations of his family.

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There is a specific connection between the circulation of the throat

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the lalsitication of medicinal preparations or the drugs from which they

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50 lbs. This dislocation of the ulna was, if I had only

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the chief dangers of the disease are due. We should, therefore, regard

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Gravesend; S. Keith, M.B., London; H. R. Kenwood, M.B., London.

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all go to show how much the patients occupy their minds with dwell-

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have three subjects set down for discussion, one for each day,

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sanguine- probaljly too much so— that the goal of the medical service, a

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accustomed do we become to this ocular phenomena, that we are sure

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This statement also includes fettering of the joints, which is often

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