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Naproxen Sodium Aleve

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age to the right, which is nearly globular in shape. The whole organ

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associated a hard systolic murmur, originating at the seat of inflam-

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kept in bed during the entire paroxysm, however mild it may bo.

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hyperemia continues and perhaps pulsation may occur in the venules

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foreign bodies, general ill health, want of rest, or because of the rigidity

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may terminate in death or recovery at an earlier date. A typical case ex-

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be regarded as part of the active history of the disease. But when it

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dysphagia, emaciation and debilit}^ which finally terminate in death from

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when convalescence is apparently established, are frequent and are marked

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lesions found. Twists in the pelvis and curvature of the spine call for

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nature of the inflammation is that of a cellulitis or a condi-

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paroxysm. A patient should never be allowed to have a second intermit-

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pulse, may recover, although these symptoms warrant an unfavorable

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occurs in a boil or furuncle. Diffuse pus formation is called Phlegmon

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Pathological pigmentation follows the extravasation of red blood-corpus-

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bladder but also in the pelvis of the kidneys. As a result of such retention

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must be exercised in the diet. From the earliest indications of disturb-

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The negro race has a marked immunity from this fever. Age and sex

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fever, and may vary from a pale red to a deep scarlet. If the respiration

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of the head of the rib may be forward or backward, upward or down-

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pears first on the hands and feet, then spreads to the trunk, the face being

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On section the first variety presents the appearance of a number of sago

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cent tissues. The infiltrated cells are mostly lymphoid cells, though large,

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of patients may get on quite comfortably, but its tendency is to progress

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are absent. Persons free from organic heart disease complain more fre-

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Eenal congestion and renal hemorrhage are very often associated, for

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cular structure of the heart. The tissue is dense, firm, inelastic, and

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than the character of its symptoms. When it supervenes upon some ca-

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brownish red, often purple; and its weight and specific gravity are

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out which the diagnosis is uncertain. It is this acid material belched up into

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a cough and a more or less profuse expectoration containing blood, which

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more or less difficulty in deglutition, or inability to articulate distinctly.

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oles, whose vitality is impaired because of this venous

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nomemi appear still later in the course of the disease. Under such cir-

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pharyngitis, is sometimes separately described as chronic glandular

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normal cavities or surface of the body. Examples of sinuses are seen

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Differential Diagnosis, — This condition may be mistaken for suppurative

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