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patient died twenty-one months subsequently of acute phthisis,
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owned by the Council, and held for the purpose of revenue only, shall not at any time exceed
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Carbon dioxide snow has been shown by Mitchell to be an efficient local applica*
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specific gravity of l-0]2i- and was free from sugar. Tlie dose of
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Dr. Otto Wien of Lubeck, Germany, relates a fatal case of sub-
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performance, but a great deal of that of the subject ; for surely the
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•existence of a general life of the body, — a composite life, —
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with exacerbations of the disease. Increased pulse tension and enlarged
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Nonwhite Persons By Race. Final Report PC(2)-1C. Washington. DC, Government
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included a number of very unfavorable cases. Of his
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who- came from Aberdeen he always found "particularly well
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venous trunks and the blood-vessels of the liver and intestines were distended with dark,
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in the floor of the urethra. The size of the ordinary silver catheter or straight
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the fact of only a few bacilli having been found in these
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streets" (vi, 66) in order to be healed by Jesus as he passed along.
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pyema, or of a mediastinal tumour, and which this organ, together vrith
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or symptoms much Uke those of enteritis supervene. In some oases con-
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pass in review all the inflammatory conditions to which
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Dr. Tuckerman led in, in which heat and light produced
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STEIN. — The connection is evident between a traumatism ami
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erate and generous treatment of the ]tu[)il>. The course of
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practices. Kefractiouist Bost., 1895-fi, ii, 1-C. — Ilayiici;
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a lecturer in Trinity Medical College. He was surgeon to the
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Bull. d. sc. med. di Bologna, 1897, 7. s., viii, 297-299.—
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Christian R. Holmfs, M.D.; Casey A. Wood, M.D., D C.L.; Wen-
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As a member of the staff of consultants with the divi-
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size, and unless proper treatment is instituted may lead to
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ware basins, not more than 8 to 10 ounces to any one basin. Each
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associated with other organisms, may lead to salpingitis, ovaritis, peri-
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grain) is a safe antipyretic. Brandy and Tepid Sponging are also very
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the effectual mastication of soft solids. During the process, the gums
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he has devised what he calls " bloodless hysterotomy," in which
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Sooner or later, however, fibrotic changes ensue in
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to the welfare of the Profession. It thinks that every station
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to enter into the etiology of diarrhoea, colic, and sporadic cholera in certain
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operation is not performed what is the best plan of management?
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sclerotic. Even this latter was exceedingly thin in
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of the State Association. In some of these counties the sparse popula-
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compressed so as to be readily i)ortable. If one can

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