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Benzac Ac

Let me, then, urge those who are beginners, in the strongest

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sputum greatly diminished. After four months I began to

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is inserted a piece of sponge, well moistened with tepid water. The

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years following his first presentation of a tentative

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phagedenic gangrene by vigorous granulations, resulting in rapid

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tiftouth; is tJho one of laost importance in my estimation, and where

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protective, and by no means morbid. At least we may

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is tremendous and the toll in life heavy. There are

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one-half. It is difficult to tell by the symptoms whether

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fits, or "crazy spells." These fits are especially liable to

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tomed to call vital. The law of gravity is as compulsory

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Medicine at Edinburgh in 1823, and in la825 he became a licentiate

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their children, * I was one of ibe Stonewall Brigade.' " He

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substance, such as pitch or tar, and may be valuable

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ported a series of 16 ovarian neoplasms, mainly malignant,

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The difference in regeneration between heterologous

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glands in the right submaxillary region, also is both groins,

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and a careful search be made for abnormalities at the

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stump, will be left superior, in my estimation, to any other.

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operation. She, however, developed a superficial oedema

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reference to the exact operation that had previously been

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a single bed, or around an operating table or the s.tand of a single

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one mass. The peritoneum was then allowed to fall back

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the raw material just as it is — and that without de-

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attack on the right side, from which he recovered, with com-

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said that the matter presented great difficulties "be-

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Case XII. (Maternity). — A. H., aged twenty, died August

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found, that they gained an entrance to their host through

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I use the term in a double sense, both because I think that parts

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data with regard to the length and rapidity cf the various ray» of

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for their own protection or for the protection of others ; or,

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different duties. By eight o'clock, Sunday night, the pain in his side

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