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Warnings Drug Dependence. There have been instances of psy

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advises the profession the government and the public

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holism is a very possible cause of epileptic seizures and that in

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Chapter IV. of injuries of the digits Chapter Y. of non congenital

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afraid of thus making his physician his friend and adviser he

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interference with the bowel after the operation till it has

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or in places that have been thoroughly disinfected to be kept un

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the Stomach and on Diseases of the Intestines which appeared in the Encyclopaedia

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differs from the other varieties in that it is smooth with large lobulations.

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The disappearance of the vesicular elements and the approach

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two perhaps two or three days. Occasionally such a surfeit

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rank the provision of a good drinking water that has not been exposed

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were that they followed attacks of measles at varying intervals they

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group comprised eight cases in six of which there was optic neuritis.

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peritonitis who took grains. On the following night

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nine years each. This personal communication is based upon the

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unattached to surrounding viscera. In several of these

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is the usual thing in nature and as Loeb and Maxwell have

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Magnificent folio containing pages of text illustrated with engravings and full page

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the uterus at or near its normal plane and dragging the

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checked and it is highly probable that suppuration will be induced. After

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constitutes an im ortant stratt gical oint. Elegant viUas

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