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They are greater now that they have become permanent, than

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Nature of the Pathological Process. — The character of the lesions is

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many cases strength increased, rest improved, foetor of expector-

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Dorothy Gaston, Ph.D., Laboratory Assistant in Medicine.

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Purveyor of the United States Army, and stationed at

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said ancient superstitions, one has but to take a retrospective view of his

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assistants), of great beauty and intelligence, stood beside the maniac as

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reduce her typhoid rate b)' more than 60 % by going farther

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accused had stated in regard to the circumstances attendant on the

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as are these primary diseases, it is shown that in all of them, when either of the

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bandage so painfully tight that he was obliged to jump

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not the elaborate equipment which they have in the present time ; indeed,

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mandmg the pointing out and reprobation ^of he m^^i;,,;

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fered in appearance from the peripheral layers, which

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stopped. These are his general conclusions and results :

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and it is isolated by the coagulation taking place slowly, and by the action

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still cause surprise, as well as murmuring and discontent. We

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RcssELL, J. RcTHEBFCRD, MD. Edin., at Forres, N.B., on December 22,

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Agricultural Experiment Station, in cooperation with this Bureau. I

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part into (he river Mississippi. • Most of the nerves branch out almost

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(2,) To wash the vulva with care, and introduce between the labia

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and at the other end for medicine closet and nurses' room. The space

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fcion neurosis; he takes the contrary view held by many

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medical schools by raising the standard of efficiency. There are

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