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terity which he possessed in handling these instruments in that viscus ;
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more marked on the side of the unilateral paralysis, if this be
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degree of heat before sunrise was 71°, and the extremes were 70°
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fested on this occasion. He walked the room incessantly» and
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iod ice were dissolved, 1.541 inches. The number of deaths re-
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stupor and death. The pulso is at first frequent, and the heat of the
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terial cell. (2) The alteration is concerned with that function or
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Thus far no specific treatment for leprosy has been discovered, and
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.\ear, an unusuall^• large number of such fresh, volunteer
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rently powerless muscles execute violent movements and become powerfully-
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November, when the death of one individual, an adult, was referred
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declaiming in favour of mild remedies, may be the means of leading
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adverse conditions encountered in the newly infected host before
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oil, or to small and repeated doses of the mild chloride of mercury.
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respiratory mechanism increases progressively. The respiratory dis-
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pseudo-leuksemia and scrofulosis, or between it and syphilitic affections of
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mortality was 883, 815, 821 and 871, making up 8390 deaths. \
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converted into sugar, and in such conditions dieting can only modify the
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how such diseases should be treated, yet practically
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of the lung. In another child, four months old, the symptoms com-
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normal precardial dullness; no change in the heart sound. Von Pirquet reaction
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dilated, and at the centre of the growth they are indistinguishable. Tu-
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Louis, that, in examples of septal deficiency, or, at least, except under
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advantageous to hysterical Bubjects. Pliospliorus and strychnine arc re-
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and roughened to some extent The case was treated by leeches,
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0.1 cc. of serum on alternate days. But in the first group the heads
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fessional acquaintance he was indaced to make a trial of the bur-
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it appeared amongst as |in the form of an epidemic, and spread
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special method, succeeded in separating the different forms. I experi-
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The results with various sera were interesting but threw little
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ference towards the tubular portion of the kidney ; the right kidney
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example, enlargement of the mesenteric glands, apthous formations,
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few atrophied nerve fibres, which have lost their medullary sheaths.*
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manner in which a complete system of Registration may be em-
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remove the annoyance resulting to store-keepers and pedestrians,
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AH of us were treated with immense consideration and
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which it stands before the public, and that the whole medical com-
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by weight of chloroform in nineteen parts by volume
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blister to the abdomen, the period selected has been when the heat
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variably so when it is present in children or early adult life.
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the membrane was easily removed by traction from the surface of
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dum — Agglutination, /. Exp. Med., 1915, xxi, 576-583.
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mentions hypertrophy of the bones with concentric osseous atrophy, arthropathies, and bed-sores as rare
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the size of a nickel, and in the center of each place a

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