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E, egg of the Chinese liver fluke (Clonorchis sinensis); F, G, H. fertilized,

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determination of the vital capacity of the lungs may give us

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fever during the stage of convalescence. A distinction must, however, be

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a. Reagent. A good grade of india ink relatively free of

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set of inmates, who have connections in the same or in other

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like the temperature, should be carefully observed. Sometimes it continues

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the knowledge that they must come to it, however unwillingly, and

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symptoms which characterize the complicated associations and

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She felt faint and had to go to bed, where she remained two

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structures in the mucous membrane of the ileum being merely infiltrated

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infrequent, showing a want of relation to the height of the temperature ; and

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migration to the seat of irritation. This is also mainly a pseudopodial

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prepare such a book than Henry N. Guernsey. His age, knowl-

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drawn into a syringe, and dropped directly from the

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Case II. — J. B. Out-patient Department, 263,144. Cardio-

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flask. Add 40 ml of water and some glass beads. Con-

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beginning of the tracing is 233, then there is a sudden pause, an abnormal

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" ' After this fundamental consideration we have taken up the study of the

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Fig. 199. — Case IV. Chart shows the quick effect of a large dose of digi-

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were given without any apparent beneficial efi'ect and with no

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spinal fluid is available. The globulin solution is removed

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membrane, to which is attached the flagellum. The flagellum

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the basis of alpha hemolysis, lack of solubility in bile, and frequent

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Numerous attempts to give a definition of acute inflammation have

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(Z) Replace the absolute alcohol in the specimen by two

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numerous that a lecturer cannot be original ? In two ways:

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hour colonies as well as by their inability to ferment

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patient in every department of her mental and physical state.

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consider anything a parasite which can be interpreted as an

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entered the hospital May 5, 1920. The details of the course

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