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we shall again have recourse to the map of physical geography. We

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mean duration of life in this sub-class. Suppose that we go a step far-

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diverse forms in the tissues, some of which can be differentiated from

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The worst dyspnoea is that due to oedema of the lungs, which may

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sion; and second, that the majority of such generalized cases show

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dietetic mechanical treatment deserves preference over all other thera-

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with the visible signs of motor weakness. Such a condition exists in

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may be easily adjusted in any room. The exercise may then be

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as to amount or its balance. The catabolism of sulphur, however,

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58 per cent, of glucose in metabolism. The nitrogen of these proteins

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gastrica, tuberculosis, diabetes insipidus and chronic interstitial neph-

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not numerous. The negro women also work in the field in many

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while living in Kentucky in 1912. She later came to a mill village near S ; had

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leaves of digitalis, 1 grain ; menthol, £ grain. The powder to be taken

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and directly into the capillaries. The condition is most distinctly

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But aside from these combinations of organic lesions with rela-

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proliferate and new cells multiply in the internal coat, the thickness

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salts demonstrable in the plasma or in the urine. There was no

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about the same destruction of tissue with the production of aneurysm

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the disease of the aorta to which Constantin Paul and some other

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cerning the nature of this disease shall have been completely over-

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* 117. Hirschberg : Wiener Klinik, Heft 2 and 3, 1894.

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neers in natural researches do not rule themselves as an army in the

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of diseases among different races of men. On the other hand, though

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the right ventricle makes the compensation, the left ventricle is still

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evidences of interstitial myocarditis have been observed in a few

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marized in Table 6. In this group of pellagrins there were during the

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warm climates the death-rate from diseases of the respiratory organs is

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count from 103 per c.mm. to normal. The treatments temporarily relieved the

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The true murmur of organic disease stands in definite relation to

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Pepper and Griffith in The International Medical Journal, October,

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have been feebly heard and muffled. There may be a more gradual

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of the impulses from the sino-auricular node until the automaticity of

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given to the quantity, volume and texture of the proteins fed. The

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after the lapse of twenty -four hours. If digitalin has not been thus

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the number of cases in the state generally was certainly small.

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