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LeMone, David V., et al — Pulmonary Histoplasmosis 417
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ritslica, the Syrian and Turkish tobaccos ; and the Persica, the fragrant
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2. liassorin. The insoluble part of gum-tragacantb, named from its
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I Kathode, the point or surface out of which it passes — the part next to
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proportions of their volumes ; a volume of one gas combines with an
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PHYTO'GRAPITY (<Pvt6v, a plant, ypd(f>w, to write). An ac-
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tion which closes the moidli of a personate corolla, as in antirrhi- ■
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3. Straight-veined, when the veins are entirely primary, generally
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O'SCI-li'lOCELE {berxf-ov, the scrotum, a tumor). A hernia
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rests the decay of lungr tissue, diminishes the fever, lessens the cough,
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generalizations in .anatomy and physiology, and capable of two applica-
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tity of milk. And if the little one still vomits, give
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tuting Cuvier’s fourth division of the animal kingdom. See Zoology.
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expanding the programs of this department have been
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SCOTT & BOWNE, 132 South Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK.
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or infants that have suffered a digestive upset. Similac gives
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“ un canal de conjugaison, resultant de la double engrenure, ante-
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enter into the healthy composition of the body. It is synonymous with
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ties: Andrew, Atchison. Buchanan, Caldwell, Carroll, Clay.
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to all the authorities who have hitherto recorded their
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without seasoning. Lettuce, celery, onions, carrots,
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Ptorocarpus, a Leguminous plant of Coromandel .and Ceylon.
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NESSLER’S TEST. A delicate test for ammonia in waters, con-
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(either right or left) and the blood pressure will re-
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Osier, William — Principles and Practice of Medicine,
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their Councils rather than by change in the by-laws,
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Dl'PSACUS {SixpdKoi, a disease of the kidneys, attended with
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satisfactory, as the disease is small-pox, modified, and not unfrequently
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is distinguished .as traumatic, when the air has been introduced by a
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these plans hold the promise of steady extension in
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« operation of transfusing or injecting into a vein of the patient some blood
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Postgraduate Course — Raymond O. Muether, St. Louis, Chair-
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kind with a fruit meal, then the combination is a ques-
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who e.xhibit other acts of life than that of respiration ; this is, indeed,

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