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Chloromycetin Ointment Uses

done on February 24, at 4 p. m., by my assistant, Dr.
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longer necessary to substantiate his personal views. The
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OF THB Uterus. By Henry X. Hutching, M.D., Boston 97
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to relieve the tormina, tenesmus, and abdominal pain ; and to use enemata
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employed for diarrhoea and externally for ulcers. Sapeher used it with
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lent form of administration in doses of 1 to o drops
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By J. M. Keniston, M. D. [Reprinted from the American
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Parnassus in Pillory ; a satire of 95 pages, in verse. Crab apples and
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The ])rognosis in cases of cancer of the stomach is as unfavorable as
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first milk differs from that secreted afterwards, and is designed
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part of the excretory apparatus, such as the ureter, bladder, or urethra.
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plethora. But we observe that, as a consequence of sup-
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the entire abdominal walls were scarred by the repeated
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■ arable and the blood smear is mounted in a drop of this syrup
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there is to be a favorable termination, they cease.
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rent to the surrounding parts. After minutely inspecting it, we could find
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tion gave a delicate indication of the fact. But there
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(2) Silver nitrate solution. Dissolve about 2.40 grams of silver
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surrounding redness. The treatment of yesterday was continued.
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It \v.\ qitesfionel^ mnt^ i\-M. [earn mnt^. — Bacon.
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lightest percussion penetrates deeply into the body, so that the above-assumed
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using the 2.2- by 2.7-mm Dyonics fetoscope, which allowed
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ear are very intricate, and a large proportion of them incurable ; but
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from Norway, 14 from Denmark and 19 from Finland — a
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ease developed was in a boy of 15 months, and the oldest was in a man

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