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arterio-sclerosis — a rather frequent occurrence in advanced life — and

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ally in the legs, of transient disturbances of the ocular muscles leading

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no vitality at all. One year after operation the patient is in fairly

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and 5746 on the other parts of the body (mortality, 0.28 per cent.).

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ment in two of my cases ; it is especially indicated in alimentary gly-

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of symptoms, but properly studied gives to us the ability to deter-

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paralysis on the opposite side. In this condition the affected muscles do

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through butter and cheese made from the milk of infected cattle. Com-

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■And now comes to Homoeopathy; to our Hospital, and to our

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In kyphoscoliosis tepid baths are indicated. The heart-condition de-

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rence, the facts that they are more chronic in development- that

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proaches a square in outline, or it may present marked angularities,

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scription of the hysteric convulsion. They embrace every variety of mus-

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Fig. 70.— X, Peripheral sensory tract ; 6, 6i, h", b^, cells in the short fibers, tnrough the intercalation

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Treatment. — This is an affection in which the treatment of causes

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scribed peritoneal abscess containing air, situated between the liver and

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egg; milk, 1 ounce (32.0); sugar, 77 grains (4.9); coffee, 4|- ounces

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Essentials of Medical Chemistry, Organic and Inorganic.

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higher, and the pulse still more rapid and weaker. The patient lies in a

lithium metel batterie

(Welch). When weakness of the left is out of proportion to the weak-

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litis, associated with the clinical history of each case, should enable a

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commonly met with at the aortic orifice, though they occur rarely in

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