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a special department rather than to those who desire to pursue general courses. Appli-

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Applicants for positions in Library service are appointed to service by the Director

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ment. Proceeding on this hypothesis, and in view of the physiologi-

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also in the entire intestinal tract, and he has therefore advocated

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cine, there is nothing from which such patients will derive

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efore he first presented himself, he had been fooling with a

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John Frank Waugh, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Dermatology.

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education is highest, men are admitted to examinations only

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swallowed ; in certain constitutional diseases, such as scorbutus and

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gagement with an instructor or other University appointment as they regard any other

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living child, but fractured the right humerus. The eleventh labor

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girl aged two, whose blood was in other respects practically normal

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in order to get a "Run" on worthless remedies. The most dis-

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causes the face to be flushed and the carotid arteries to

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miles of this beautiful city vindicated the heroism of this daring

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the operation was done. He did not think a positive opin-

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off the parts above the bars from the general circulation — a

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in but one. In two of these cases an over-boiling of the

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seemingly the more favored solution of a qitestio vexaie. For a

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pentine stupe," and the cloth must be wrung out of water

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gerous element. If we could show that it is as infectious as

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held during the session at Danville, in 1880. His memory

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ern man by adoption, there was not so much to be astonished

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