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tive, shortening or active retraction of the muscles of the eye. The diagnosis of

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it is an antidote to lead. Sulphur also is quite harmless as a medi-

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In 1857 the disease prevailed in Central America, reaching in the course of that

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by a safe delivery. By S. E. Leonard, M. D., of New Albany, Indiana. —

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manifestation of that force which impels organic development

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of circumstances, as many surgeons formerly advocated

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Surgical chair, vacated by Dr. Wagner in consequence of ill health. No better

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woman, arrived from Alexandria on August 4, was attacked (in the

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force which does not pass, or the residual force which may be over

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our knowledge a certain number of facts^ most of them already

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We append an analysis of the eight^ cases detailed by M.

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those measures of medical police which are mainly trusted to in most^

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stimulant that will raise blood-pressure 6 or 8 milli-

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From which it appears that 8 of the 15 were cured, 1 improved, 4 died, and 2

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heart disease, cancer, nervous diseases — are prone

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maier, an eminent German jurist, published a treatise with a similar title. " De

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degree of relief observed by Mr. Yearsley, who, from want of experience in

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perusal. In it Sir W. Fergusson gives a liberal appreciation to

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Spinal eord. — ^This was very vascular^ and particularly the crey

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have seen Bright's disease, cancer, paranoia, fibroid

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lead-colic in Havre, from the use of adulterated cider, offered Dr.

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siological causes; and chiefly those involved in the higher grades of inflam-

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brief continuance, subsided, but returned in five or six weeks; again ceased, and

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walnut^ both diffuse and circamscribed^ looking hke a dark-blue

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he had reason to believe it led to the extension of the epidemic by diffusing the

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The western coast of Turkey and the whole of Greece appear

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of cases throughout the navy was 121, while in the foUowing

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which the movement was confined to the right arm, which ** was constantly in

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scirrhous hardness. He gives the particulars of three cases as

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in contact with the stomach and intestines, the greater will be the quantity

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tion of sensation and of motion in the limb. The same effect follows some

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some inconvenience to him, but he plays about like other boys of his age. The

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Many of them seem to think a doctor isn't actually prac-

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up for him many doubts^ and has enabled him to recognise

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As for this we cannot speak positively, but certainly the

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healthy soft parts, for that the inflamed and thickened tissues

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difficult of proof. Congestion and ecchyraosis are common, together with

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"The chairman appointed Drs. Hodge, Hays, and Huston, a committee to

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ilution. Nadler gave to a goat half a CTamme (about seven and a

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