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and relief to the symptoms, takes place during the course of a few
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and consists of food, often incompletely digested, and of mucus, and may
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may be performed for the purpose of sustaining life.
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should be followed by a bath, a thorough rubbing down, and rest in bed.
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result, according to Yirchow, of an inflammation of the deeper layers,
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the heart, compression of the lung, and dyspnoea. Pressure upon the por-
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cephalitis allied to poliomyelitis, but attacking the cerebral instead of
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cords. Such outgrowths become thickened and nodular, and undergo
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testified, by subscription, their confidence in the success of the work,
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the lungs the local physical signs are those of a capillary bronchitis. The
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statistics of such mortality are only of relative value, owing to the diffi-
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these and other lesions which have been found by competent observers
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being between the ages of fifty and sixty years. A certain etiological
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an improved skill in surgery, founded on scientific and practical data,
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the chlorinated lime is of good quality and is used with sufficient freedom.
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toneum in chronic peritonitis has been already mentioned. In such
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the jaundice. The tongue may be coated, the breath fetid, the area of
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and at times is associated with a pulse of increased tension from arterio-
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chiefly by drinking from three to four pints of strong ale daily, through
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diate operation should be performed, each hour lost sensibly increasing
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on the outer aspect of the limb ; it was 8U])posed to be due to a dis-
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amount of nerve involvement. In severe cases the suffering is intoler-
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tration of the drug should be interrupted, for fear of producing too much
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the painful leg half crossed, its foot resting upon the other.
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terial changes of any constancy. The urine also presents no characteristic
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In spinal irritation and in hypersesthetic ovaries, mild counter-irrita-
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