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examination shows that the plastic operation was completely successful,
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vation and unwholesome and unnutritious food (sic), climate,
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land, and Ireland with other data obtained from the
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aneurysms and the rapid recovery after the operations. In
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ence of which is purely hypothetical, and the proof of which
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learned gentleman gets from the resolution will do him very
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80; abdomen moderately full, soft and free from tenderness. In the
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sale of baking powders containing alum, and, in the British Medical
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" an abdominal swelling and an unusual pelvic condition,"
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have been some evidence of its existence ; but nothing of the
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shall be appointed by the board of guardians : that no regis-
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proportions of firedamp, since it is held by some mining
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restore the hernia without a cutting operation. In an instruc-
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treated by incision and evacuation, with, as far as I know,
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character of the clinical and scientific work carried on within
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Barrett, Richard, M.D. Q.U.I. , L.R.C.S.Edin., appointed Medical Officer
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as regards the medical profession, by Brigade-Surgeon Staples
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replies in the light of a snub to the Board of Supervision and
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Paddington Intirmary, received from the officers and nursing
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nesium and calcium phosphates in solution. Ammonia only
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were passing off. The tinct. bellad. given every two hours.
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ber 26th, December rtrd, December loth, and December I7th, l^W, between
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important series than the twenty-lour cases commented on by
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stances, the only available means of clearing his professional
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Wind population in Germany and elsewhere, whose loss of
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have reason for believing that this list contains only a com-
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the besf thing for the patient, if pregnant, would be to empty
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these instruments carried in a separate compartment under-
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now being thoroughly and efficiently treated by the best
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from small-pox among the vaccinated children under ■) years
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But I have never seen this disease in any other persons
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a case occurred in India or the tropics, it would no doubt
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lations, chalazion, contracted pupil, blepharitis, pterygion,
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sufficient to ensure good service without the risk of being undersold by
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spect to the administration, it would rather be that if the
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(Western Division Royal Artilleryi, lias resigned his commission, which
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Hart.— On the 14th April, at Kirkdale, Sydenham, S.E., the wife of F. J.
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liver is explored, the surgeon should be prepared to proceed

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