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Membrane has not spread beyond the limits observed yesterday. Another

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it was deemed unwise to leave him in the corral he was put in the

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again to enlarge. It had attained the size of a small hen's Qgg,

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dexed in: Biological Abstracts; Current List of Medical

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XI. Excision of Tumor — lipoma weighing about 4 pounds.

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appointed another ad hoc committee, chaired by Dr. Alfred Fabro, to study and report on this

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access of cases on Monday following the Sunday dissipations was noted.

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We must constantly reach for that point at which we

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in medicine, we strive to alert ourselves and our pa-

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large haemorrhages of the thalamic region encroaching backwards down

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were active in the work on Long Island said they had

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Turning now to what Mr. P. Gordon Smith has to say of the

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cause the retention of this salt may, as we have already seen, lead to oedema.

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decease, as no ac out of hi! 1 ^ * T^ ** * *"*—*«*

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of tartarized antimony, and half a drachm of tincture of opium in sixteen

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the wound caused by the animal, both Sir Thomas Watson and

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many places, particularly in the neighbourhood of the collecting tubules,

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Others that disbelieve it. Ergot is generally credited with the

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or is a re-infection. The patient appeared perfectly well

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from and why does tuberculosis develop.'' Health Work*

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and enlarged by LI. Montague Murray, M. D., F. R. C. P., Phy-

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at Madison are inadequate to supply clinical work of the third and

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ample. Its purpose is to separate volatile from non-volatile agents

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After I get through shaving the surface I wash it thoroughly

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no action as an abortive, except, like other irritants, by causing a violent shock

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the quantity of pus may be so great as to suflfcjcate the pa-

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of academic competence is necessary for favorable consideration by an admis-

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only, in August, 1890, was there a marked recurrence. These are easily

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there is distention of the right side of the belly.

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him to return home. As a member of the Surgical Aid

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tieynolds stated that by the use of methylated spirit all

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patient a delicate, hyper-sensitive expression. In other cases more

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more particularly the liygienic measures. The derivatives of

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Sanitary Commission of Great Britain, Mr. Robert Lslw-

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able to decide strictly when the obstructing membrane

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When describing facial paralysis many or most authors make no

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of symptoms that produce great alarm and distress to

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The integration of this quantity over the irregular surface of the

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going on for the last fifty years, and which is not yet

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ease of the hearty we must beware of attributing the dyspnoea to

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ment, therefore, is oftener and earlier called ibr in the former than in the

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