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Notes: Receipts for the year ended November 10, 1958 of special purpose funds from contributions and security
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(besides other interesting facts) that the number of
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wliole time health officer in any county in county doctor".
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rior vestibular nerve had a better hearing outcome than those
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professor of Hotel Dieu upon this subject gives to these lectures more
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stimulants, hypnotics, deliriants, poisons, tonics ;
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erations before the whole class, and for demonstra-
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segments break up, becoming free, and are converted into small amoeboid
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doses of ten to fifteen grains, locally, and Gallic Acid, or Fluid Extract of
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ing this suggestion. Dr. J. M. Good proceeded to arrange all diseases
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College, placed by the Board at the disposal of the Associa-
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should be registered as patients of this institution. Medical
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but not at this time (March 27) officially sanctioned. This official
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covered with foam, the tail was stiff and extended, the ears
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and still preserves a high place in the estimation of many dermatologists.
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" The first appearance of man, when, together with the mammoth and woolly
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inflammation of the liver, phthisis, and diabetes" (Con-
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The first impression made by this book— that it is inade-
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Xerxes, produced a pestilential distemper attended with such dire mortality that the
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a folded paper is subjected to traction between the
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do not form in the ganglions, and although the attacked
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and 23. 8 per cent, in the seventh. In view of this large per-
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of London, and others, took part ; and the opinion that
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tion will be determined by the amount of the trachomatous
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The Principles and Practice of Cynmcology . By Thomas Addis
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from above with counter- pressure from the posterior wall
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spirit of investigation and discovery in those depart-
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ted by a third, which is to pass transversely below the patil-
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Dr-Paul Vogt, Assistant-Surgeon in the Out-Patient Clinic at
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Fio, 6. Radiograph ef same case aa shown in Fig. 5, Heart displaced en masse, show-
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castor oil, 3 pounds; oil of juniper, 1-4 ounce; essen-
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ished the movements of the intestine. In each case the result is
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sary to adopt various short-cut, time-saving methods in reaching
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that the feeder considers in making up his rations, although the
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complish what Dr. Allard is striving for. It is often said there
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habitants is 1.42, a considerable diminution as com-
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effect. 5p.m.; Pulse 80, very irregular, soft and quick; respiration 28; has been noisily
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The various stages of pneumonia are manifested by certain
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t Among cases in which the two cicatrices were well marked the death rate was
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thin. It was diluted with distilled water to 5 c.c. of
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tions, 35 to 57 per cent.; amputations for disease,
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last seen were failing. Pus was found at the first operation in twenty-four cases.
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self for the work he was ambitious to do. He longed to
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should be used with caution in patients with histories of stone formation.
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