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Sperry, A. W. Russell, of Albany, Win. Elmer, of N. Y. ; and a host of others, too

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All sorts of cleansing and medicinal irrigations have been

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After this state has continued for a few weeks, there arise shooting pains in the

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sons that the infinitesimal doses and bread pills will have no effect upon them. In

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inspector quoted above^ " to be quite inoperative in practice/'

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Considerable softening also existed of the spinal cord from the third or fourth

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deserving, perhaps, of more minute inquiry than has hitherto

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food, and bj taking such exercise as shall keep the Bystem Btron ms, and

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Chronic diarrhea is one of the well-recognized results of achylia

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my power to always stay. Those who ask this thing of men, ask what only God

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lent peritonitis. Here the ordinary termination is by escape

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these tests are poor. Dr. Lindeman always emphasized the

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A. Operations on the lower urinarj^ tract including the bladder

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.'.!• live and be d nl '! Eschewing all the luxuries and the pleasure

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indicate are the victims of misplaced afiection. Let those who have been in the

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admitted by the king of the most powerful nation upon earth, who suffered a fair

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Ophthalmiatric Observations. By Dr. Albert Mooren, Chief

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test she was given a hea\'y carbohydrate meal, including 1 slice

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one were twenty-four and forty-three years old respectively.

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of the air at elevated regions, and the difficulty of finding a proper

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to make up its composition, and which tends strongly to aid in

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corresponding to that given by Frerichs and other writers, but

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Sedgwick, and others. One, however, given by Professor Long-

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becomes as much distended as it would be by highly developed

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Diseask and IIku.tii COUPLED ix Makriage. — In the present age, it has be-

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that God in his goodi a it away? Has it not rather been murdered by

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with those lesions after death, who up to that time had enjoyed

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are these — nervous debility, sick head-ache, costiveness, scanty and painful evacu-

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