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persons a biceps or elbow jerk may be elicited by allowing the half- flexed
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which are especially adapted to strengthen the abdominal muscles and
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however, the tuberculosis is commonly limited to the urinary or to the
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to be seen over an abnormally wide area, although the radial pulse is
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lowing parturition or operations upon the pelvic organs, testes, or sper-
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gastritis resemble those of other affections of the stomach, especially
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Qttach Vegetable PiUs, — Professor Parrish, several years ago, had a
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mentary giddiness, vertiginous feelings when straining at stool, yelling
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five hours before the expected recurrence of the paroxysm. The exact
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given, and in many cases their use should be combined with that of
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an occasional complication of the various diseases in which it may occur.
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previous history of ulcer, a palpable tumor at the pyloric end of the
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naries were arranged the boy died, no chloroform having bee© ia-
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ing Disease or the British Plague, as it was termed on the continent
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produced at the point of entrance. A distinction is hence drawn between
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calculus not larger than a pea is often the only calculus present. Per-
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surrounded by smaller growths in close proximity and tending to be-
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is the consistency likely to be. The dejections are not infrequently frothy,
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two drachms, may be given in concentrated solution.
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Pulmonary apoplexy may be cited as a familiar example. In strictness, the word
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may occur as the result of syphilis of the cord, so that the most pathog-
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&c., and lessened every day in quantity. The fseces was always passed

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