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and accessory sinuses, though the possibility has to be

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taken together they constitute a clinical picture which is fairly

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ment of this kind it is largely routine, one case closely

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Mr. Critchett's or Mr. Bowman's form of scoop is to be used.

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pain. The next year, 1876, the amount of pain fell off

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action upon the whole urinary tract. Examples : Co-

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tions are possible in very young children. In the first few

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recorded. Equally undeniable is the influence of local causes

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in ITO inoculated persons. During the past year the mortality

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Case 1.— Personality rating, "A." No indication that he will require any

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were then transplanted into the bowel. In conclusion

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and instead of mellowing properly, may undergo some kind or degree

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boundaries and widely varying and undetermined areas.

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solution of acetic acid, to which as much of a watery solution of tropaolin

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ences we have had iu the city of Toronto with regard to the

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applied to all germs without exception, was evidently un-

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an external incision, turning forward the auricle and cleaning out the

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andra Hospital for Sick Chilcfren. On my way I pass

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the third week 3|lbs., and when she left hospital on the

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slowly under the general irritation which attends, and the debility

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only possible way of counteracting the drug is to excise the part of

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that it is quite Avonderful how, with improved knowledge and the advance of

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The Veins of the Tongue. — These have received but little attention.

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Silesia, and that Professor Fliigge, of Breslau, had procei re to i 1 1 >

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BacterioloKic Examination of the Blood after Death.

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failures in the recall of proper names, then of other nouns ; and only

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contain blood, or a sanious ichor in the place of pus, constituting

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mild cases of melancholia agitata; but in the severer cases,

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