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Mellaril Retinal Toxicity

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intensity, as well in disease as in health, presents considerable variety.
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um, the djrspnoea, the cough, together with the pain in the
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liam Marcet ably advocates the idea that septicaemia is a not
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solution or ointment, the former in the proportion of an ounce
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infarcted myocardium may appear as a “hot spot” (16).
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four-years' course, the University of Pennsylvania is
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. 25, -with aggregate ages, 22 years, 5 months, 23 days.
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thoroughly as possible, so that the extent of the lacera-
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of mortality being higher than in any previous September registered,
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reaction was well established ; and that sensitive, pain-
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Tenderness and rigidity are frequently described. It may be
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ment by such means is found to be far more successful
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otologic et rhinologie, etc. (Communication faite a la So-
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2. Family Iamelnrostres soft skin ™ rt I Sll th& aC , tl0n ° f the arteries . the pressure'
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rate space, and treated in a manner indicating considerable familiarity and
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Causes : — Among these are sudden cold, force and violence done
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the occurrence of the two cases of Kelly and Dr. Simon on
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moist atmosphere and yet be rainless or comparatively
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diflerences between the symptoms which mark a series of roughly similar cases
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known among the tunnellers that when clothes impregnated
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inches, and had extended to the under-surface of the
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2d. That, if even moderately hard water protects lead, very hard water, on
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larly that morning before he went out frona home; that
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cellent. No unpleasant complications were observed, with the
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His occupation entailed much exertion, such as runningup
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bargain 1 Surely it is for the benefit of the commu-
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and moral. Tonics like iron, arsenic, and quinine are often
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varies in size and may, in the absence of operation, ultimately discharge
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ditions which gave rise to adult apoplexy, were also found
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in 1892 forms one of our brightest chapters. And last year inde-
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to the other points that Dr. Maxwell had mentioned as together forming an
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faculty of the Medico- Chirurgical College cordially invite each member of the American Medical
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I cannot find that he ever erpployed it. That it is not
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We have received a number of the Iglodine antiseptic preparations,
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once the urseus had been associated with the idea of
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covered with fetid and unburied corpses of men and horses,
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