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This mode is adopted for violent affections of the head, arising from ex-

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In the parts in the axilla an indistinct lobular arrangement can

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tuled to the benefit of Martin's act, notwithstanding the

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again presented to the profession without a protest. Given

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was evidently all but quite exhausted when he bit this bird.

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are described by Dr. Barton as the " terrene element" and corre-

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total one-sidedness seems to Ije a peculiar circum-

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were unknown even to the men who conducted the hospitals.

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ing, dykes, piers, etc. Its leaves, moreover, emit a de-

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the translation of the peripheral impression to the cen-

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was had in a large proportion of our cases to the hyposulphite of soda,

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to personal cleanliness, and the moderate use of tobacco, his vision reg-

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tied up if the blister is applied within its reach. Dogs

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presence of an excess of free oleic acid the iodin in the food is in

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culosis is not present. Indeed, non-specific pulmonary

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Health in regard to the manner of conducting free tonsil and adenoid

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patient was an unmarried woman, aged 39, embroiderer by occupation,

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and death soon carries off the patient. — Ann. de Gynec,

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moisture from those of temperature. Reserving for another place the

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and may give rise to abnormal products which are as deadly

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E. Blackmail, representing the well known firm of John Wyeth & Brother.

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and in the beginning of March, 1855, while apparently in perfect health, he

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secretions in the tympanum, a series of rapidly form-

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ing, in which fluctuation was not obtainable, but which communicated, on pres-

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evidently caused by the omentum having been left in the sac. In

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WILLARD, William R., M.D., Tuscaloosa, "The Continuing Ferment

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of the most distinguished physicians in Quebec, and one whose situation

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made, for bronchial cough, dyspnoea from unemia or from cardiac causes,

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mark of one description of physiological action, wonki

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