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of Guardians) ; but it is not always done. Thus the statements furnished to

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usually terminates fatally. Sometimes, like other severe affections of the

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gical facts are highly valuable in a practical point of view, as

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sinus frontal ; trepanation; gu6risou. M6in. et bull. Soc.

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results, that the problems of nutrition attracted great attention

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minished, and at present more than one-third its original volume ; the

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quality of malignancy about it. It is always, however, a deform-

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onset is likely to be marked by imperfect erections

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Warner, John W., 107 E. 72d St., New York, New York Co.

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a distinct chill, sometimes with chilliness. During the course of

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loathing for food which is justly a subject of great

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determining the exact pharmacology of Adrenalin than on any

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§2a§m. If there has been lack of contractility, the heart Ts

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in the Hospital, and in all these labours the forceps were

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tumor was seen to be a glandular growth; the gland type was particularly

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xxiii, 127. — Cainer (A.) Un caso di epilessia traun'a-

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companied witii continually increasing deafness and

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does not allow the gas to remain over the object long enough to be

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over the sacrum. In a few days I had an opportunity of speak-

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simply because cert^a degrees of moisture of the ground are ^vonble

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movements towards the blind side. A lesion in the pons does not necessarily

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done in the sections and give time for a greater number of

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Dr. Wilson G. Wood, I wish to express my sincere appreciation.

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of a microcephalic woman, aged thirty, weight seventy

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swollen and infiltrated, and he began to lose ground rapidly,

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evident in the figure, and will accordingly not be increased propor-

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tions. In many cases the extent of the latter has been enormous, with

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We may next take the nodules of the submucous surfaces, and these

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The Heart-beat Influenced by Alterations in the Size of the

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of kreatinsemia also failed to win any general acceptance, nor has it been

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edge of the table. We thank the author for his painstak-

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of hepatic colic, for which, when due to gall-stones,

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quently as the sequellae of the, in adults, amazingly numerous

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