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there is danger of suffocation or of broncho-pneumonia. In consequence
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occur, the one, tubercular lymphadenitis, conspicuously characterized
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food should be given in small quantity at short intervals.
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to hemorrhages, cutaneous, subcutaneous, intramuscular, and within and
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Physiology /md the Collateral Sciences have been carefully examined, and all that modem
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Fig. 1 shows the lithotrite with its beak upwards, in a position not
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be well scarified. The practitioner should always be ready to perform
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the peritoneal surface of the intestine. If the tuberculosis is localized
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serious symptom, are not as unfavorable as are marked evidences of
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testine escape through such openings. If the tumor is in the right iliac
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gurnrna is pathognomonic of this disease. Syphilis of the liver is not
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In cases of doubt the patient should be palpated in the knee and elbow
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have led to the complete destruction of the kidney. Of late years the
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in the lean, and has often been observed in persons of alcoholic habits.
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respiratory and vocal sounds may be produced also by pleural thicken-
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appears as the direct continuation of the oesophageal canal, the lower
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tine. As the comma bacillus exists in the human body only in the
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means of the respiratory and digestive tracts, and perhaps by the uro-
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knee-jerks in chorea are usually diminished or altogether absent, but on
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DIAGNOSIS. The symptoms of Friedreich' s ataxia vary greatly ac-
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During the second or indurated stage of the disease the surface of the
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and increases in frequency, soon the whole surface of the body is
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of the tail of the pancreas is a cause of hydronephrosis of the left kidney,
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sium citrate may be exhibited within the twenty-four hours ; sometimes
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base as well as in the edges of the ulcer. The clinical importance of the
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fluid has long been known to the profession as a pathological condition
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and stupor, arouse himself when the stir in the ward told him that the
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e.g., in exophthalmic goitre there are acceleration of the pulse, profuse
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Dr, Jantes BoUm, of this city, desires to inform the members of the profession that he
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of the laws governing its diffusion, and having deduced from them
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the subject is robust and vigorous it is highly important to reduce the
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tannic acid ; for arsenic, freshly precipitated ferric hydrate, which may
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jacket-poultice, many practitioners wrap the child's chest in cotton or
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course, tetanus may for the purpose of its discussion be divided into the
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Frequent and painful micturition results from hypersesthesia of the
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be felt, the patient should be asked to draw a long breath, when the lower

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