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infrequent. The greater number of cases develop in the summer months,
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left hand, and seized a foot, which was brought down, and a tape fixed over it.
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mere touch, and the victim sometimes lingered in agony
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sodium chlorid. The lines joining squares in the third column of each series
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difficulties and diseases are occasionally associated with a genito-urinary
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instead of 120. The 133 pellagrous children from unaffected parents
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present study, in order to assess differences, if any, in the
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Dr. Francis B. Haller, Chairman of the Committee, re-
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tlie vagina, one-fourth to one-half centimetre in front of tlie an-
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limbs, headache, or dizziness, that an attack is coming on. In the out-
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increased activity of the motor nerves or heightened contraction of the mus-
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should be clearly recognized." Further than this. Dr.
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portion exhibited the characters of true scirrhus: a white and
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turned and gradually extended to the body, toward the last becoming
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that this factor more nearly expresses the condition of the blood coloring
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shall, by committees of its own selection, provide suitable accommodations
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tlie vagina, one-fourth to one-half centimetre in front of tlie an-
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tion may contain, as seen in bloodstaining occurring after death.
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from an attack of severe cramps and stomach pains and that he was
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evidently been perfect below and had given way, so that
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time, had a bit of tiie meat stick in his throat. I did not see him until
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New Orleans, La., for temporary duty. Aug. 2, 1883.
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old woman of Irish e.\traction, about seventy years of
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1 Eight years afterward this patient re-entered hospital, with a renewal of the
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The fleas mentioned, though occurring, cannot be considered
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honoured of all. The College was originally commenced
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On March 27 occurred the first quarterly meeting of the
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lets in all cases were noted as diminished, normal or increased.

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