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Dilute Xitro-Muriatic Acid. It may be given in doses often or flfteen

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fell ; in 1884 the measurement was 20.467 inches ; in 1883 it

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46. Dislocation of the Foot Fonvards. — Dr. DE^fARQUAY relates [Monitexir

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poorly performed; and if the patient is not relieved,

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operate, the vomiting proved that it would have been

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set apart, presents itself to us in many alleged forms, conditions, and

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treatment in the hospital been such as to authorize the statement that cod-

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accompanied by a large effusion of liquid. The increase, however, may be

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This they regard as a mistake, inasmuch as kidney complica-

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is generally adopted. All the means adopted with a view to produce

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call up the whole profession. The first arrival commences,

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Treatment of Urethral Stricture, by L. Bolton Bangs,

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Urology Morbidity and Mortality Conference, last Wednesday, 5:00 p.m., UAMS Urology Office, Room 2S08

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and if the quinine be continued, they disappear entirely from the

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age. I could not find a better illustration of what I refer to than I

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moving in a body. The tidal air physiologists esti-

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varicella by college physician ; no treatment given.

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sensation from the level of the crest of the ilium downwards on both

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rience, together with the general belief of the Japanese,

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proportions it adapts itself to the requirement of the

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in the urine, retention of urea and its consequences may be

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from its cell encasement, and is, for that reason, all the more active and

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location. Strongly adherent fibrous tissue encroaching

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said that while favus in any part of the body is often

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the blades opened and closed two or three times before the stone fell

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notice was given it that what I now say will be practically

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him an opportunity of reviewing what he has already learned from

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The course of the disease is a chronic one. It advances slowly some-

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physicians, any feeling of animosity or opposition. It is more

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