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active in the vaginal secretion of the new-born, notably so when the secre-

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rhage were also a factor, and especially in the presence of an increased

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the substances derived from the multiplication of the parasites are set

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All the conditions were favorable for the spread of


Nos. 6, 7 and 8 should not be exposed to the light.

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affects the other groups." Thus, the " coefficient "

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sip, blisters over the stomach, and subcutaneous injec-

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diphtheria found the bacilli in every case fully virulent.

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m 1907 Ehihch and his pupils, Franke and Roehl, discovered the

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My name is Lomaphupho. My friends call me this name because

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tumor. The tumor, lobulated and of uniform density, extended from

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taken fifteen days to give. than is used for the pleasure car, there-

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off without the application of water ; not even when the horses

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Something analogous to this occurs in health; whilst sweating

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clinical cases and thirteen experimental observations in

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false membrane undergo decomposition, bacteria form in immense

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at each dose; total amount given: Result, recovered or died.

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these solutions were effective in dissolving or penetrating blood clot.

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corresponds to the condition known as Weil's disease

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Docteur en Medicine, ancien Eleve interne de FHotel-Dieu de Paris,

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understood the symptomatology of typhoid and malaria in a way

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of severe spastic paraplegia. Usually rest on the back or mechanical

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make an excellent combination. It can be advantageously

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ration, but the practice of Danish farmers and the results of experi-

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for the discussion of subjects relating to the practice of

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achieve this gain they must work laboriously and continuously.

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breathing, artificial respiration should be immediately performe*!

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rotation of a little over one complete circle, but when

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41; the treatment of prostatio- hypertrophy, Gerrish, F. H., 44;

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Writers have described a form of colic supposed to be produced by the

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is obstetrics. The fine points of the conduct of labor

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tis serosa may be transformed into iritis maligna by

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gloi)ular mass, which was quite soft as felt through

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years ago, in which he ligated the carotid and subclavian simul-

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