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 Monday 07 Mar 2005

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  1. Mailing List Owner
    The Harlyn Surf School mailing list is an 'opt-in' list which is the property of Harlyn Surf School and Saltwater Training at the address below.

  2. Uses
    Occasional emails (less then ten per year) are sent to subscribers, for the purposes of:
        a) Notifying them of events that are of interest to students.
        b) Notifying them of new products and services.

  3. Third Parties
    The mailing list remains under the control of Harlyn Surf School, Saltwater Training and their webmasters, West Wind Developments Limited and is never disclosed or sold to third parties, or used to disseminate third party commercial information.

  4. Data
    The Mailing List comprises the email addresses of subscribers. It does not include names or postal addresses.

  5. Additional Data
    Additional data logged by the server includes IP addresses, Referrer, Browser, time and date information, as is the usual practise for Apache webservers. These log files are used for analysing traffic to the web sites, and are periodically deleted.

  6. Cookies
    This site does not use Cookies.

  7. Security
    Harlyn Surf School and their webmasters, West Wind Developments Limited, take steps to maintain the security of the mailing list.

  8. Maintenance
    We strive to maintain our mailing lists by removing invalid email addresses and 'bounced' emails.

  9. Opting Out
    You may opt out of the mailing list by using the form on Harlyn Surf School home page. If you have several email addresses, please opt out by entering the email address that we are using.

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