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April 27th, Mr. Richard Favellwas elected President, Jlr.

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been remarked on by the authors just referred to. The present

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present state of things. As to the remedy of this state, it was

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of many of the medical charities to the question of whether they

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read, and persons became more familiar with the qualities

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been troubled with a " cracked" lip. He also was of opinion

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ferred upon you. We thank you for having caused the part

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the course of eacti intercostal nerve, and, beyond a double mitral mur-

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â– restoration. With each successive year's experience, it seems

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hours of its birth ; that when a registered medical practi-

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interpretation of the contents of the cyst-like spaces which

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well maintained, an.l no p^rtieulir i!l-tffects were caused by I

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{17.S1, accidental gunshot wounds (»), murder (271, manslaughter (9), and

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J. Jeffares, J. \. Harrison. F. A. Rnutch, H. B. Palmer, G. G.

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when the loss of flesh and strength is great, as it is not the

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Candidates seeking election by a Branch Council should

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in this country by Rufier and Walker, the so-called cell in-

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cease. Mr. Alfred Baker was a member of the Association

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in which the medical cffii'crs of health in London co-operate

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and scarlatina in the cow are not sulHciently understood to

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ham ; Mr. B. B Rawlings, London ; Dr. G. Reid, Stafford ; Dr. R. R.

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intraabdominal tension, for efl'used fluids to discharge

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so large and important a branch of medical study as anatomy

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'that death from this state of the heart may leave the left

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were antiquated, soil nipes unventilated, and the bath waste pipes

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