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Phytosterols Lipitor

that such a fear was not unfounded. It was further stated

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more satisfactorily than iron does, because it is antiseptic,

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Manchester; Dr. J. M. Wilson, Doneaster; Dr. A. Welsh, Whitworth;

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Mrs G aged 24, began to menstruate at hi, is regular monthly, loss

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investigate this question. That Commission has displayed,

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remind the House. But while the Government was lucky in

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April 2nd to 8th. Seventeen cases, •< of which were above 14 years of age.

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Dr. C. Harrison, Lincoln ; Mr. J. B. Henderson, Loudon ; Mr. R. R.

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had to pass examinations, and yet received no extra pay. It

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■oi the population during that period. It appears from returns issued by

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lees he is endeavouring to attract his neighbours' patients. We can

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tried to make my remarks as short as the importance of the

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splendid gift is ofi'ered by friends and admirers at Bombay as

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increase their severity. In Switzerland, however, the posi-

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public schools are very meagre, and unpleasant comparisons

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_■■■..'.; ii '< •■jn.lj>i'.i: 1 ■■•■' ^itr^r, -. ■.;:im'- : .t,; ,i! ■.,:■.. ,

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tions, and heart stab.' A comparison of the two passages teaches us,

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same period being 19.1 in London and 16.6 in Edinburgh. The 149 deaths

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Celestial Empire who had practised the healing art in that

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vomiciB existed in the lung ; these vomicae might have been

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end of the eighth week, shock and the signs of internal

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Edgae E. Dimsey, Surgeon, to the Duke of Wellinfftou, April llth.

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22nd. There is now nothing but skin covering the upper

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Messrs. Burroughs, Wellcome, and Co., London; J. W. Ba terham,

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adopted in India and elsewhere is given. Leprosy is an incur

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hood of the Vienna arsenal by a shot from a JIannlicher

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M. Banks, Liverpool; Dr. Lauder Brunton, London; F. Barriugton,

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whether immediate or remote, depends almost purely on

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formula? are given for the preparation of hypodermic injec-

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Nowhere is this better seen than in India. But those who give theiji-

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medical otliccr, and the intimation of his dcpartuiu from that colony will

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had again been taking place. At this time she was very pale,

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although she was pale and weak. At 1 p.m. on that day

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frecjuently two or even three icebags were necessary.

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degree in 1860. In 1863 and 1864 he was assistant to the

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o[ service was most unpopular ; and those medical officers who were in

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London Hospital: M. G. Dyson, St Bartholomew's Ho'spital - D K

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session will be held at the Bell Medical Library, Cleveland Road, Wolver-

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