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twenty-four hours the transplanted cornea was removed and
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of the conjunctiva, Goldziehei, 50; crypvophthalmus, Fuclis. 5U;
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J. Roberts uses the following prescription for this
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ful ; the toes feel as if needles were sticking them.
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The history is frequently obtained that the patient is becoming
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etc., is apt to be slow. The average duration of the disease is about eight
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found, and the disease at present deserves to be placed amongst the
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leges or schools of science, to the effect that they
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portion of every number will be devoted to anatomy,
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became quiet when the nervous constitution became less
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tuberculosis, all written by state physicians and presented before the
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dren situated in this county. There was coincidently
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scribed, without naming every group of symptoms, or every
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case of pernicious anemia and in one of simple anemia,
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is entirely too short for us not to have a good time while we are here. In
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source. And an objection still more formidable is, that the
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could remember, the woman was suffering from a soft-
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development of sewage-disposal in American cities, the
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fatal than that which is said to occur as a result of cold. Unfavourable
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side are not uncommon ; in some cases, especially on the forehead, the
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peculiar last leaf bearing Purfoot's colophon, which in the first edition
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of a town in Belgium suffered from the effects of a river polluted by
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Att86 Attix, F.H., Introduction to radiological physics and radiation dosimetry . John
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size. The dift'erential diagnosis must be made from various conditions,
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objective sensory tests — as applied with a camelVhair brush for

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