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original lesion was undetectable during life, or if detected

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G. A. Kennedy, Macleod ; British Columbia, O. Morris, Vernon.

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thyroid enlargement may have some connection with the

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I wish to relate a case that was brought into my hospital

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It has quite a number of excellent charts; the illustrations and figures are

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The Connecticut State Medical Society does not hold itself responsi-

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cept that I have advised Dr. D. not to do anything more to it.

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of the liver from some inflammatory reactiou. Yet it seems to

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xii, reference from Ctrlbl. fur Bakteriologie und Parasiten-

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cine" and Paragraph 1 of the resolution defining the position of the

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The first case I saw was sent to me by Dr. Phillips, of Ealing.

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surgeons that I know of Neither have medicine wagons been furnish-

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while on the circulation its uniform action is to lessen arterial blood-pressure ;

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Of the special cause nothing is known. Dickson regarded the affection as

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ear was defective ; and in Zenner's case of tumour of the left optic

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The jury, by a majority of 15 to 8, returned the following verdict — 4 That

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been misled by the need for cultivation of their hands, or

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that obscure vapor which somewhat darkens the atmosphere in summer,

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walk, assisted by a nurse, or by supporting part of his weight

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in developing financial support for the College, particularly in

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Lesions of the Hair and Nails.-Wc have nevei noticed ^ny

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Kec, Chicago, 1897, vi, 169.— Weiss (L.) Demonstrations-

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reversed so as to allow of the inferior margins of the lower jaws being placed in

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anatomical conditions ; and the same may be said of the means

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ducing a lymphocytosis in relation to the resistance

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and retention of urine due to prostatic enlargement, chiefly

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not the slightest sense of pain during or subsequent to the

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fusion ; or, thirdly, two kidneys may have been present in early foetal life,

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The spores of the tetanus bacillus display far greater resistance.

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operation of an emetic. The emetic must therefore be given in rela-

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loose from its original position, leaving defect in the margin of the pupil.

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negative facts have become more and more rare. In 999 times out of 1000 the

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ical and anatomical condition of the intranasal structures can

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ity which flexes one way, being thereby more readily intro-

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fact, whether these remedies were selected as the result of education, or of aocidentand

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even harsher economic competition that may surely be ex-

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is still discharging, the cut slowly healing. There is

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the urgency of the symptoms; and on the next day, June

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Feaalcc and other memuers gave their views on that matter,

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ble sensation, except cough, which he thought was a good sign, indi-

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he said he could discover neither acid nor alkali prevailing in it.

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extraflos de la caniara anterior y posterior del ojo, del iris

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the fact that the complaint of the patient is entirely out of

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black mass adherent to bottom of sac, which proved to

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tion of the two special methods to which I have al-

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early, since this chamber cannot take on much hypertrophy owing to lack

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ardson has said, and I have had two cases recently,

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amlodipine diltiazem and verapamil are which of the following

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nervous supply of a part it would necessarily die, although

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