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utility, however, has been since completely shewn ; and it will be
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have established a system of instruction in tropical diseases
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nutritious substances, which, being in a great measure taken
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infant should be treated with HBIG and hepatitis B vaccines
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posed modifications of the method of performing amputation of the leg,
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to October, 1913. Previously, from 1909 to February, 1913, she had
I cannot conclude my remarks without paying a special tribute to
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tissue of a mottled, reddish black apearance which is traversed
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ease is generally the consequence of disturbed tubal ventilation,
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" A boy, in the service of a brewer, thought to vex his master,
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Augusta, the capital of Maine, is a place of considerable size,
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tietli Cent. Pract.,N. T., 1898, xiv, 553-581.— Bruce (D.),
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spaces were empty, the contents having apparently lost their cohesion, or having
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genic reaction given by E, coli, the round amoeba, with its 8 nuclei stands out very,
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soften and bleed easily (noticed on cleaning the teeth). In some cases
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food to which he was nol accustomed, although he has been much exposed to wet,
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I may mention a case in which the diagnosis of cerebro-
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Such additional instructions and information as may be con-
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the uterus. I'he ovum having been impreg- 1 after abortion at or any time before the third
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med. Wchnschr., 1894, xliv, 1428. — Jcif nski ( H. ) 0
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in themselves testimony to the great executive ability of
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not want physicians’ medical judgment to be subservient
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effectfand are thei^ef o^lindicated in all gastric and intestinal derangements, and especially in inflammatory con-
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by sending the patient to Florida. Do not wait until you can
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that the reporter had not rentured to search for and draw
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the only parts on which it appears ; and if by chance it becomes
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Anatomy in the New York Medical College, which office he retained
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mirror could be obtained by the fifth day from the urine of the patients, all
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of the volume before us, we are struck with the terseness and energy
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pain in the abdomen, tenesmus and accompanying fever are increasing,
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be held as suspended, and none - of its members or dele -
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Professor of Therapeutics, Temple University of Philadelphia, Department of
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the hornj' cells, and hanging from the under surface like stalactites
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parents with alcoholic tendencies are likely to degenerate
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that the mortality, both from typhus and typhoid fever, varies greatly at dif-

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