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Dochez, and Blake,'' and Lister^ in South Africa, have been chiefly
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and with but a very slight halt. Mr. Mackenzie concludes by
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equate, as I could not insert my finger between the peritoneum
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inconvenience. A definite reaction may be obtained in those specimens
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liospital iVom a distance. She had slight pain in the right ear and
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sent to all dues paying members at least 90 days prior to
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has since been abundantly disproved by anatomical study and by the
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pearance of the eruption, when it shows itself, seems to be favored
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symptoms are much aggravated by any form of jolting.
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instance two children passed through tlie entire course of scarlet fever
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this fact to the isolation of the specific causal organisms. Some
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Of these cases, two died one having received antitoxin. All three
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comes possessed of 4 horse teeth in the middle, with their
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related m his lectures above referred to,(f) in opposition
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constant torture. Changes in weather, mental excite-
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was comparatively simple. The peritoneum should not bt
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tology of the phobic, namely, the wish to conceal his foible from others,
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tion in these cases showed only a moderate amount of transi-
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i. 1892.— Dr. F. W. Mott on "Pathology of Nutrition," Allbutt's System, vol. i.— Dr. F. W.
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away entirely with the bacterial cells if possible. I
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is 23.62 cms. ; average middle lateral diameter 20.2 cms. ;
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at the farthest the eighth day, all who had that pain of the side died,
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dispute on this question. Mead never forgave this offence, but
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also been extolled in dyspepsia, and in that countless tribe of maladies
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When the scalp is cleaned, each hair must be extracted
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could pull six miles at sea without fatigue;" after that he was lost
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especial clinical phenomena presented by the patients from
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ease or no, it is certainly not injurious, as no less an
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amount as before, and each pig is injected with ten times the amount
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and eventually he fully awakes, perhaps in the act of groaning or of
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cally the same regardless of the insurer, each third party,
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carefully prepared food, which will permit of proper recuperation of the ex-
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When the bronchi dilate, the expectoration becomes profuse, especially
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Case History. — F. W., aged 61, a real estate broker, was admitted to the
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slaty graywacke rock, with occasional compact strata ; and
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over a considerable space. There is reason to think that these measures
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ciety. In conclusion, Mr. Collis drew attention to the few recorded in-
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well expressed (and to which Dr. Blair gives the name of " aborted
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111. Appendicitis. — ^The microscopic appearances in cases.
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Brown, Wade H., and Pearce, Louise. Experimental produc-
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movement. In more pronounced degrees many muscles are concerned in
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plasmic colonies, and that protoplasm is endowed with various
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dispersion, in the summer of 1783, was attended by severe thunder-
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may be eaten, one or two teaspoonfuls at a time, or a tea of ten ounces of
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binations. It will give me much pleasure to further utilize it as occasions demand.
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trahzation tests. For this purpose mixtures were made of the sera with a Berke-

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