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drate, glycogen is transformed into blood glucose in suffici-

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making it is thus : Take hve fulphur, or flowers of

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Tonsils usually become infected with the same organism as in pyorrhea

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officers, unfortunately, must get it there without the i)reliniinary

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simple enema must be used, and no purgative should be given until the

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are seldom everted or undermined. In the neighbouring portions, which

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duct. Epulis, which is a fibroma of the gum, is not infrequently met with.

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thickened adherent omentum which may closely simulate the appendix in

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the end of the fourth month the proportion may be as two to one, and 2£

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cauterised at once with strong carbolic acid, and if seen at a later stage,

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which indicate the prospect of a favourable result by dietetic reduction. Firstly,

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patient. As a rule, the case should be treated on general principles.

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ground, and the clod is again replaced, the remaining

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epigastric pain than in gastric irritation. The vomited matters in gastric

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elderly and chronic ; boys and girls can stand it. but its use has

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fundus picture, and the chronic vascular changes will not be found.

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ing. Immediately following the arrival of the peristaltic waves at the

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may either result from a catarrh of the follicles, or an acute inflammation

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moistening of the food and for the initial digestion of starch, so that

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the retinoscope. With a small plane mirror, a small intense source of

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strength of experiments with toluylendiamine, been ascribed to this ; and

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i 2? His method of treating the quinfy m man, recommend-

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Aetiology — -In a small number of cases there was a definite history

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to retain during many generations, without modification, the original

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young children it is attended with considerable danger to life, and the

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Nose and Throat, Cassey Wood, of Chicago: Walter Parker, of

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ther. He advifes to add nitre to it, or to give it in

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applied in the same way, namely, a drop of the solution is mixed with a

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ing what Dr. ^lercier has done, and continue to feed their patients

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are of course common in septic forms. The various organisms of almost

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be such a marked absence of gouty complications. So rare, in fact, is the

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of the physiological action of alcohol. This work, which is essen-

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curable. "Within a few weeks they gradually disappear, improvement

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conditions is compared. There is no evidence pointing to any bacterial

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103°) temperature; profuse nocturnal sweating; a rapid, feeble pulse;

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quantity of food than is the case at home. Patients are able to spend the

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The latter originate from necrosing infiltration of the mucous membrane

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excepting in patients who are the subjects of inherited syphilis ; but that

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