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all the cutaneous tissues. These ulcerations presented the appear-

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Averroes (as he is generally known, though his Arabic

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strument is indispensable to every general hospital.

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constipation and stopping diarrhoea ; and, in public

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infants, especially girls, to give plenty of water, and to insist on great

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Cancer of the generative organs increase less rapidly. There

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16kafsk., V Praze, [1899], no. 40, 219-240. — Piatt (J. E.)

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every particle of fat from broth or beef-tea before serving.

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It is difficult to imagine it, but I would ask you to suppose that


quencies, special instruments, with lenses and prisms of

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or, if he be bold, to throw doubt upon those that already exist.

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nately, to-day very many communities are not awake to their own

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tance as a factor is chronic endarteritis, or atheromatous degeneration,

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in thinking that Dr. Fowler's case has proved the exception

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being added and others disappearing. The symptoms caused by quali-

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the hyoid apparatus may still be seen, nor is it easy at these times to assign to

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tion of the French and German antitoxin are thus ex-

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more may be written on the character of the pain pres-

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received with great caution. Otherwise, every case of apoplexy and

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third grade certificates was raised this year so as to give us a better force

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macy. It was not from the chemical properties of Iodine that

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in 1 of every 49 cases. In Dr. Denham's report it was present in

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others there were extensive choroidal changes. There

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notice. Setting aside the cases of infants, idiots, lunatics, and weak and deli-

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by twelve, was agreed upon as the verdict. The dividend

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possibility should be considered before administering Pro-Banthine.

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the fascia plays in supporting these parts, and to the

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adding protamine, heparin neutralizer powder (Heparsorb;

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493 - 500. — Olaser. Zur hydriatisclien lleliandluug iles

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and persons of sober and regular habits, who could have had but little,

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system. No wonder, then, that it crushes out the life, in a very few hours, of feeble

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scattered i)unctiform and larger, also linear and sinuous telangiec-

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