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When To Hold Synthroid

remedy would indeed be worse than the disease. M. Bonnet concludes the
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tumour to more than double its original size. On the 3d of December it was
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had felt, on a sudden movement of the foetus, a snap in the uterus like the
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tice, and that of Dr. Hamilton. We are thus placed between Scylla and
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Dr. Remak of Berlin. — This paper is chiefly useful for the information it affords
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of J. H. R. Esq., was placed under my care, on account of procidentia
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potassium, which will probably prove a valuable discovery in therapeutics,
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and head, heat of skin, thirst, tongue with a thin white coat, bowels cos-
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complete restoration of the cerebral functions to a normal state is impos-
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tion of the dextrine, in despite of the inflammation and tumefaction of the
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not touch. The influence of the sugar, of the s.alts, and of the acidity
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the law. On the other hand, where the provisions of the law had not
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even under the most favourable circumstances, never acquire the com-
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Fever. Dr. M. W. Taylor on transmission by fluids. 331,
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ventures, started for Paris. The poor fellow whom we took out of the
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In the first case, there had been violent hemorrhage which had ceased, but
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covering in completely the urethral wound. The urine now flowed by
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which he considers to arise from defective development, and not from arrest.
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very great, both on the score of fatigue and of cold, the warming appa-
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tract of roses are added. A few drops of this solution, in a glass of tepid water,
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ration was performed at mid-day), when she got weaker, and died rather sud-
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Science College in that town, the cost of which was estimated at about
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facie evidence that such person is the Registrar, without any proof of his signature or of his
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"The city has been visited by no fatal epidemic during the past year; and,
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siology of the nervous system, would have furnished Dr. Brigham with many
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dividual can distinguish, and which, if any, of the compound colours.
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and closure of the jaws cea.sed. The salt water was continu.jd for eight hours,
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anasarcous. There were extensive pleuritic adhesions on the right side of the
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ing be adopted whereby the retraction of the hand may be permanently counter-
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wounded, in consequence of which there was paralysis of the muscles furnished
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are motor, and the posterior sensitive, the inquiry naturally presents itself,
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Veron. Observations sur les maladies des Enfans, 8vo. Paris, 1825. Ibid.
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tained certain statistical returns of health, with remarks by the medical
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The governors of the Brompton Consumption Hospital have carried
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the present state of the science. This desideratum is more especially
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hose, the wards arc frer[ucntly patrolcd at night b}' a
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and the "Duncan Improvement Fund," which are rendering
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the torn fibres. Such rupture he referred to injury during parturition,

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