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times a cast of a part of the bowel, consisting of the mucous membrane

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as possible to St. Thomas's Hospital, where he was admitted about 3 p.m.

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nor the decomposing effects on iodide of potassium and starch, which were im-

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Recent work^ suggests that this mechanism may be the conversion

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In three of the six animals in each group the spleen and lymph nodes were found

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flask in any particular locality, allow it to be refilled with the

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opticus and corpus striatum. An anomalous form is th

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gums and other symptoms, the scorbutic condition is suspected, an

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necessary exposure brought on a severe catarrh, with fever and pain,

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by vaccines. The ages varied from 1 year to 70 years; 173 were

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brales._ An. med. gaditauos, CAdiz, 1897-8, xvi, 105; 127.—

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The next symptom in importance is pain over the ureters — one or

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not prominent, although pain in the sacral region and paresthesia in the kfi

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now wandering in a labyrinth, and we must each fol-

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Be experiences, there are grave doubts whether donations

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extracted, he cut into the abdominal parietes, and, after putting a ligature

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majority of cases lumbo-sacral extending down the lower extremities for a

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que's solution et aqua pura, or any gargle in which, with other

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Tiling.] [Fall von Emi>yem der Stirnhiililu mit Dnrcb-

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There cannot have been any acute degeneration of the heart

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known more about the special properties of the accessory factors.

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Journal of Laryngology, Rhinology and Otology, April.

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themselves for examination, it is stated that only seven of that

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been failing rapidly, having had repeated attacks of angina pectoris.

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or less marked involvement of the regional lymph glands. I can see

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pation n)ight at first reveal notliing abnormal. .AuscuUa

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hours, keeping the cover on until done. Shake occasionally to

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Yet we must not be ungrateful to the pharmacist for

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ness or the disappearance of the tympanitic quality may indicate the

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