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tomy. It remains, however, to give a brief connected account of these

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toms in spite of medical treatment called for surgical

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not differ materially from those described for the neuroglia cells of the dog,

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concluding impure water to be the only means of spreading the

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coll' indicazione del niiglior nietodo di cura e di

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The fees for the above had been paid over to the Treasurer^ and

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and Health was responsible for drafting the original

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do not produce a soluble toxin, of which the pyogenic cocci, micro-

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fatal in more than half the cases ; pleurisy is directly fatal

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Medical School in London, and went on to become known throughout the world as the

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bleeding, 691 ; results of dietetic treatment, oi',

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proceed thus with alternate layers of bran or ashes and

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them to need any apart from the affection to which their inflammation is

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thrusts it longitudinally through it ; he may likewise cauterise

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palatine cusps, and varies greatly in mass and con-

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echocardiography is often invaluable for the intraoperative

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regeneration ; unlike the cell of a gland, its restoration is impossible.

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containing 10 atoms of carbon, and the terpene (CioHig) from

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certainty as ))hilosophical, though not as rigidly exact, as that which

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partly to the cutting off of the blood supply to the fibres — the amount of

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ventricles are never completely emptied at the end of systole. The

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health, among whom may be mentioned Kotschy, the travel-

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backwards into their natural position. A minute or two was the time

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having proved so in consequence of the general irritation and subse-

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maintaining the erect jxMsition ; it represents the

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their first large branches. In some cases thrombi are found in the

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have Bouveret, Fleischer, Schule, Ewald, Riegel, and

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STOMATOLOGY— Chairman, A. H. Peck, Chicago; Secretary,

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acid to vary, at times being almost totally absent.

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doul)t thought would be mistaken for a hydatid membrane ; a few hours

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attacks seemed to be no more common than seen where

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have over eighty medical schools at work, besides a fair

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is living. All the others that had negative von Pir-

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There is, then, a hard necessity in the case, and there is no

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cold, made it difficult to cope with the flames. It is be-

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is one not only in the highest degree helpful to the student and practitioner

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tbtir eflects, which always produce typhus fever, whether thoiie

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and in Greece a special trade or occupation was devel-

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