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in some animals adhering to and accumu- \ Case. — George S., aged 18 years, was

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bending the knee, as high as possible, pressing the sole of

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and causes the patient to look drawn and anxious. The site of the

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intimately united with the albumen of the tissues, form-

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cal Examining Board to discuss items of mutual interest

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examination except by written authority of the Surgeon General.

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more copious hemorrhages, and the nature of which gets revealed ere

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be regarded as the stimulation of a nerve. In case the nerve excitability

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sehr lange anhaltenden hohen Tem])eraturen und trotz-

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often lead to a too well-grounded foreboding of im-

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ventricle. The tissues surrounding the tear were much

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read a paper for M. Chauveau on gangrenous septicaemia,

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sometimes notable grimaces, may be involuntary, and are closely allied to

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hepatic cells present a very different character in this condition. Instead

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purposes of the measure were not to seek power to cremate

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•* Treatment.— I prescribed a bromide of potash mixture, with a view to the

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est and not a little surprise in classifying the uterus with

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elements, greatly, we believe, to the advantage of the school in

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stage the iodide of potassium may be employed along with saline diuretics.

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butable to the distention. At other times there may be very

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berg ; a report on " The Significance of the Gonococcus in Diagnosis

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Uo, fir. in by -{- aaliva^tio a filling with saliva. 1

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but on the evening of the next day (the third in the

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attend, and that the services were not gratuitous."

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r>TANGLINE _ ; _ l r i - i - - i an --.:--- ve for use

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the art, now in Philadaelphia, uses only tinctures, which he inspissates to

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Dr. Edward L. Keyes, of New York ; " Encysted Stone,

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mined his bladd.^r carefully for stone, and finding none,

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and brought forward and the retractor may be fixed on the

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alcoholic poisoning, a careful investigation should be made of

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In general, however, better effects will be derived from sedative liniments ap-

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appears to be the brom-dietliylacetamide. To this the name of neuronal

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