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appearance resembling somewhat a ring of prolapsed haemor-

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As he has during the last three years been present at the ope-

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as also of Chilomastix mesnili, a flagellate which Chalmers and Pekkola find abun-

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foreign substances to aid in the grinding of material; filtration is

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enlarged prostate. .McGill states, and all operators advise,

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initial fever and successive stages of eruption. It spreads rapidly

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dilating tlie rigid cervix during the early stages of labor.

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sthenic cases it may n ach 104"' or 10S° (Ford), but

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right cheek, and there was restlessness, with fever, and

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that the frequency of multiple cases greatly exceeded those figures.

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two cases of scarlet fever in a lower ward and afet

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'. either great mental depression or nervous excitement. The pain in the

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report devoted to bacteriological findings of ice cream in the city of

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ration, and often without any natural aptitude for it.

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'* Blindness,'' which was followed by a contribution on

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repeated severe hemorrhages from the nose and occasionally also

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blue colored salt, when the extract had been evaporated in the air.

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opened on this occasion it was found that nothing could be

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mentioned it in his paper, namely, locomotor ataxia or tabes

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be of inestimable value to those for whom it has been designed.

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10. In no disease does more depend on early treatment, which is

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sels upon slight injuries— scalds, blisters, i ulation. suppuration, and ulceration, are pro-

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the radius, whence it ran transversely less than half an inch above the articular surface ;

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quichloride of iron as an internal and the pure nitric

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R. P. Middleniist ; J. T. Sabben, M.D. ; E. Symes Thompson,

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he had ascertained that the trichina is the larva of the

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dogma and had missed its train by a few centuries — but will

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i"ance, others really deserve the place they occupy, and

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discharges through several openings near the nipple. This disorder

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AVlien the uterus is becoming developed the growth of the

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March 20, the Chairman, Mr. Bowditch, received the thanks

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chained to the floor. A few physicians, in connection with other

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the entire mucous membrane is infiltrated with micrococci,

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4. Stricttired Fi/hrus, Ih/perirophi; of the Coats of the Stomach. —

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* Scientific Memoirs, Government of India, No. 37, p. 147. f IbM, P- 149 -

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a single instance in which one patient affected with typhus, and another

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entire satisfaction) that it does not matter twopence whether it <="» or

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The result of the Rehfuss test-meal, specimens being removed

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