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the Pancreas upon starch is MALTOSE. In the digestive tract MALTOSE is absorbed
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Navigation six per cent, convertible loan, payable in 1865, for
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efficiently in the form of atomized liquids or spray than by means of
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by a painful sense of the want of air, or dyspnoea. The patient is unable
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i. new ser., p. 824.] It is probable that at least one-eighth, if
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parency of the cornea was lost by the gradual extension of an ulcer
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the urine, as an effect of renal congestion, without denoting degenerative
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— Diagnosis — rroguosis— Treatment. Subacute and Chronic Enteritis. Acute Gastritis-
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iting in Pregnancy, Bright' s Disease, Intestinal Ailments of Infants,
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the year over 3500 separate articles, representing the best thought in the pro-
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of the symptoms. The patient is bettei', however, than when first
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each case by sloughing. In all these T cases the ages were between 5 and
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he thus confessed the limited powers of human agency in the
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ical histology. All candidates for graduation have personal experience in
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confidence entertained by his brethren on this suljeot.
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inflammation or structural lesions of the stomach. Occurring as a form
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morning, after taking a Seidlitz powder. The diet consisted exclu-
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years of his life, frequently consulted me for light attacks of arti-
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existence of effusion in both pleural cavities. H3Tlrothorax is bilateral,
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The respiratory system presents some striking phenomena. The num-
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in the left lobe, and oftenest at the posterior portion of the right lobe. It

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