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AtrioventricvJar Valves. — The human hearts used for these injec-

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latter cells predominate and form almost the only constituent of the exudate.

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son. In this connection the use of a brochure on the

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keeping of industrial hygiene activities, absentee-

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and that abattoirs should not be opened on Sunday. The mana-

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In 1870 United States Commissioner of Agriculture Horace

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nueleases* (I,, an.l imrii,..-nwel,.ases d'^, resp,.etively. In the .!. i.ip

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„,„ ,..„„ii,i..„. For example, it is well known that tbe portion of the

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s| ilV diiriii'j this staue When more ijelinile snnptoms appear, llie\ coii

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only one death in each group, and in both of the fatal

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„., ,„.|Mls n.^. on ..„ lo,M), .orpus,.!,.. m.lrr ,h. s- <-on.l.t.ons for n-

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data the heat of combustion of the methane excreted, which is readily

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they formed in the body xmder normal conditions? Can any part of

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heart in subjects under 40 years of age. The amount of fat in Purkin je

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of pork under the system first established proved in the first year that

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Houston's specimen {loc. cit.. No. 40) was placed in the Museum of

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small amounts of it against the solutions of ammonium hydroxide

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Sec. 14. To decide whether the packing house shall close or be sold it Is

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and beef-gut department is airy, light, and supplied with metal lockers and steam heat.

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the building are rooms in which these extracts are flltered, extracted, bottled or com-

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tained, and their crystalline forms observed. All these tests proved

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The rendering plant at Globe, Ind., above referred to, is known as the National Ren-

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from which the largest profit or the highest type of progeny is

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annular divisions of the coronary arteries. These vessels pass into the

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study the differential function of the two kidneys, a second case of the

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and the thyroid is furnished liy the similarity of the effects i)rodiieod on

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larities. Some were short. In younger growths of this culture short

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duties (and the penalties for violations) of indus-

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"t rrnrnv,,,..- ,|„. liv..,- i,M„H.,li.,..|y .ft..,- .Iratl,. i, is ..,||.,„,.,| ,„ .,,.,n.l for

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(*) Indicatee that the article has heen personally consulted.

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tween these two varieties occur frequently in the animal world.

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sometimes even went «o far as to assume authority not conferred by

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ula all layers were present but thinned out. Despite

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bacilli were obtained and were grown upon serum. Drawings of these organisms

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found in meat, etc.. and they have been called the ptomaines of urine,

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the end of the year 1907 the counties of Payne, Logan, Oklahoma,

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