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ter in considerable quantitj^, presenting a purulent or puruloid appear-


fidence that it will at once recommend itself to the favor-


The undersigned have for several years been manufacturing a pure gluten for a

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symptoms of fever. The skin, though dry, was usually cool and

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or the whole of either an upper or a lower lobe. If the upper lobe be the

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^were experienced. The disease has been rather of a low grade of

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tion of a solution of morphia, in this disease, is to be employed with

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simply as exercise, tends to keep the mind of the patient on his disorder,

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cence. When convalescence is established, there is little or no danger of a

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But there was a portion of the Inspectors, as well as of the

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phate of magnesia, with thirty drops of the vinous tinct. colchici.

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as any other powerful article of the materia medica. Since our

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be supported by nutritious enemas. The abstraction of blood, either

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the freedom of this efflux, increases dicrotism. The dicrotism is more

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would be most apt to occur, and would seem to furnish the

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questionable. It is best to begin with a small quantity and increase to

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constipation would be as rare as it is now frequent. The prevention is

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the patient speaks in a husky whisper. The extent to which the voice is

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of the chest is contracted, and the soft parts above the clavicles and

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for surgical operations. By inspection of the parts within the larynx,

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portion to the amount of suffering from spasm, but opiates should not be

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before the pneumonic symptoms were developed, the consequence

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tinct bellows sound could be heard in the course of these vessels ;

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name Bright's disease, to show a pathological connection ; and in these

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venient to defer the consideration of some of these topics, and to treat

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In the second stage, the occurrence of liquid effusion and its amount

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ten. It is not very uncommon in adults, but is extremely rare in old age.

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substance of the brain, the spinal cord, and in one of the beds of the re-

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duced. The same result, however, has been observed in acute

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removed. Its introduction is prevented by the use of the pump in with-

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