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preparations small bodies having somewhat the appearance of
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1. Hemiplegia, sensory defects and imbecility occurring
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The other portions of our report are taken chiefly from the
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lower ratio, and the Tyrol and Vorarlberg coming next at
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axis may produce strabismus. Congenital fundus defects play a simi-
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either pushed forward or to the right or left side,
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relief as was afforded her child by the last bleeding. She had
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not exactly cle;-r, the prooaDili ties are that this bacilxus
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just allude to a class of painful local affections not unfre-
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tions of absolute value, but when they are fair representa-
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of water; and this diluted stain is allowed to act for five minutes. The specimen
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will instruct practitioners of medicine in microscopy, clinical chemistry and
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»0 o<-:o qirrrjcd Oi-rc^ic* OtrsMej Oi-imoj i':»'M':»o ooioio ooi-rio looc-^t-
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been incorporated into our systematic text-books and works
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which partakes much of the nature of granulations, may
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Comparison of the daily quantity of stercorine discharged, u'ith the
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and no larger than a crow-quill, and almost devoid o{
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mention this instrument without recommending it. ^ I have seen it used by
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marked, or new ones make their appearance. Sooner or later
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cough occurred in my practice. I experienced the happiest
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The paper was referred to the Committee on Publication.
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but in none of them has the disease made great ravages,

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