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Olanzapine-induced Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome After 10 Years Of Treatment

increased power of breathing, was daily observable. At the end of the seven
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olanzapine used for anxiety
increased frequency of respirauon would be required to sustain life. But
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with my own experience. The death-rate in persons of under twenty years
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olanzapine dose in pregnancy
Atheroma is commonly found in the larger arteries, and endarteritis in small
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olanzapine-induced neuroleptic malignant syndrome after 10 years of treatment
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of Physicians aiid Surgeons of Glasgow, 1896. — Dr. Ogilvie. " Is Colles' Law a Misnomer ? " The
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tees ar6 permdnentljr injured bj tlie operation. Mr. Tracy, of the im»-
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obstinate hiccough, too, has been relieved by traction on the tongue (Lepine).
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numbers of the precedina month, stitched in a cover. J. V. C. SMITH, M.D. Editor.—Prlea t 3jWa
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one hip is more elevated than the other. Mothers, who are sharp-sight-
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has still a very fair chance of recovery. But, on the other hand, should he
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M. Louis not unfrequently leaves his new patients to a day's repose, to
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either directly to the limbs or by means of alternating currents in an
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here to steady the body support is given by the operator grasping the patient's
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Acute Miliary Tuberculosis. — This is the result usually of the break-
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When taking any of the above positions derived from the fundamentals, only
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tbe disease, for as much as five or six successive days. I tiseit"
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phthisis. ^^ It b that disease which, with a very few exceptions, causes
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on a higher or lower level, as may be required; in goitre situated low
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degeneration in the pyramidal tracts may be found. This is the rule rather than
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try, the unexampled care and caution of this extraordinary man, may
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dominal muscles, as an Instrument in every way calculated for relief and permanent reetofation te
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the name of aromatic snuff. — The course of lectures on Anatomy at the
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and the patients recoveredvThe Thomsonians have lately published a
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Mason street School, is rendered more palatable to those entering on the
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A few copies of the above for sale at Tlcknor^s, corner of Waablogton and SchosI ihsiVi"'
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and they ought to have been, except a reliance upon quack doctors and
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which the syphilitic diseases were disseminated over the whole' of Europe.
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family or the individual is especially prone. The hereditary form generally
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-and made of good conducting materials, so that the calomel falls down
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scarcely any of these days without some operation. He takes a deep
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from injury, is followed by certain additional signs which constitute the

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